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 [{{ :leon:reports:safe.png?250|Report 'SAFE roster export' - possibility to export data for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation}}] [{{ :leon:reports:safe.png?250|Report 'SAFE roster export' - possibility to export data for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation}}]
-First thing you need to do is generate the file. Generated file can be used in **SAFE** (Systems for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation).+In order to integrate with SAFE you need to take a license to access the SAFE modelMore information about how to integrate you can find [[leon:integrations|here]]
-We are also able to integrate your operator with SAFE through API - we need details from you such as: 
-the instance +The integration allows sending Pilots data from Leon to SAFE in one easy click. Once the data is uploaded to SAFE it undergoes an immediate fatigue and alertness evaluation.
-- the login +
-- the password+
-Once we have these details we will implement it to Leon database.+You can also generate the csv file. Generated file can be used and uploaded in **SAFE** (Systems for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation).
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