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According to EU OPS 1.1020, points (a) & (b) - an operator shall ensure that each cabin crew member who has been absent from all flying duties for more than 6 months and still remains within the period of the previous check required by OPS 1.1025(b)3 completes refresher training specified in the Operations Manual as prescribed in Appendix 1 to OPS 1.1020.

Also, an operator shall ensure that when a cabin crew member has not been absent from all flying duties, but has not, during the preceding six months, undertaken duties on a type of aeroplane as a cabin crew member required by OPS 1.990 (b), before undertaking such duties on that type, the cabin crew member either:

1. completes refresher training on the type; or 2. operates two re-familiarisation sectors during commercial operations on the type.

180 days currency

If a cabin crew member has not been assigned to a flight within the last 180 days, in the section Crew > Duties Leon will mark the status-dot in red (if this option is turned on in the filter).

If cabin crew member has been assigned to a flight and the Journey Log has been added, the status-dot will either be green (if more than 60 days left for the '180 days currency to be expired'), or yellow (if less than 60 days left).

  • Turn the option on in the filter

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