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Oil Consumption

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Fleet oil consumption feature

It is possible to monitor oil consumption per engine and per APU. You can input to Leon how many quarters of oil (in decimal numbers) have been used on a particular flight - a field Oil uplift in Journey Log has to be filled in for this purpose.

Based on manufacturer configuration and oil uplift entered in 'Journey Log' for each engine, Leon can generate a report for average oil consumption per each engine.

  • Oil report period

Go to section Admin > Fleet, edit an aircraft and enter tab CAM. Insert engines numbers to make other fields editable and add appropriate data. Do the same with APU data.

In a field Oil report period add in full hours window which is used to calculate average oil consumption per engine. This value is specified by engine manufacturer. The oil field will set the time window analysis.

If, for example, APU is set for 50 it means that for each window time of 50 flight hours an analysis should be done.

The system also takes into consideration an offset value of 10 % off the inserted amount of flight hours. So if the value input into the Oil report period is 50, Leon will start showing data in the report itself from 45 (10% of 50 = 5).

IMPORTANT - the number of flight hours you input does NOT mean a series of sequential blocks of hours, it is a sliding window of hours
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Oil consumption input to Journey Log
  • Journey Log input

In Admin > Operator Settings, tab Flight Editing mark a checkbox Oil used in section 'Show in Journey Log'. In your Journey Log you will get a new field Oil uplift where you can add oil consumption data for engines and APU (see sreenshot).

Make sure the configuration has been done in section Admin > Fleet before you enter data to 'Journey Log'.

  • Average oil consumption report
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'Average oil consumption' report

Once data is added to the Journey Log and there is enough flights with journey logs filled in (with oil used data), you can view data in the section Reports > Maintenance > Average oil consumption.

You can see an example below: for first several flights there is no oil usage data because for this particular aircraft there is Oil report period set as 50. That means, that there has to be a block of flights with at least 45:00 flight hours (as 10% offset off the value 50 hours is taken).

In the column Oil uplift you can see number of quarts inserted for each engine (taken from Journey Log). Then from the flight performed on 12-05-2015 you can see the average oil consumption based on the block of flights with total flight hours of at least 45.

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