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Airport Charges

Airport Charges integration panel

The AirportCharges platform simplifies an otherwise lengthy and complex research task - to find and calculate landing fees, passenger charges and taxes for a turnaround at almost any airport or country in the world.

Whether you're looking for a central document library for airport and country charges, an intuitive online analysis system for benchmarking and scenario planning, or a pre-calculated data feed for your finance systems, you'll find a solution to fit your requirements.

For more information please visit Airport Charges website

API PORTAL section in MyRDC

How to integrate

In order to integrate you have to have an active account with RDC Aviation.

The integration process is as follow:

  1. Log in to your MyRDC account
  2. In 'MyRDC' go to API PORTAL > Authorisation token section, click on GENERATE NEW TOKEN button and then COPY this token
  3. Go to 'Add-ons' > 'Airport Charges' integration section
  4. In the 'Configuration' tab switch the status to 'ON', paste the 'API Token' from 'MyRDC' and 'SAVE' changes

If you don't have the account with RDC Aviation, you can inquire via this link

How it works

Once the integration is active you will see additional 'Airport Charges' tab when you edit the trip in the Requests/Quotes section. This tab will include the airport charges for the airports on the selected routes. More information about the tab can be found here.

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