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TAILLOG app is a fully integrated EFB and flight progress tool containing the flight plan details, company documents, weather charts and NOTAM's. Automatically registering and reporting flight progress.

TAILLOG interfaces with pre- and post-flight systems and enables both automatic and manual control, supporting the calculation of abeam times, fuel consumption etc. Miscalculations and human errors are eliminated and time-consuming data management is minimized.

For more information please visit Blue Chap Group official website

How to integrate

The integration can be activated by sending a request to TAILLOG to Upon Client's request, TAILLOG will then establish an automated data exchange by using the Leon API and the TAILLOG API.

How it works

The data exchange will be executed at the time the client completes a flight log in the TAILLOG system. The flight log will be synchronised with the cloud server and activate the data exchange with the Leon system.

The data to exchange is selected by the client. Typically, the data is Block Off and Block On times, Take Off and Landing times, key fuel parameters, number of PAX and number of landings.

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