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Adding new flights, repositionings and office duties

Adding new flights, positionings and office duties needs to be done from separate sections.

  • Menu bar

1st thing which has changed is the Menu bar for section Flights.

When you hover the mouse over, you will see that New has replaced New flight and it expands into 3 separate pages (see screenshot on the right).

  • New flight

In this section you can add ONLY flights. Positionings and office duties need to be added from separate sections (see below). The rest of this section remains unchanged.

  • New positioning

Use this section to add a new positioning duty/duties. A new positioning duty will NOT be included into the trip. Tabs such as: Sales, JL and CAM are not available to be used on this screen (the same applies to office duties). The only available flight-position in both positionings and office duties are PSN.

  • New office

This section should be used to add a new office duty.

In the section Flights List crew assigned to either positioning or office duty appear with appropriate icons: or

If more than 1 crew is assigned, they will be separated by commas.

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