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Airport Directory panel has been modified and moved from the section OPS - now it appears on the menu-belt as a separate feature.

In the current version you can get airports data in the section OPS > Airport Directory. Type airport's code, city or name in the filter and click on the pen-icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

Alternativelly, you can click on the Airport Directory icon to get a pop-up window where you can search for a particular airport or airports per a country.

In the field Search for airport you can type ICAO/IATA code or city of the destination. In the field Filter by country it is possible to open a drop-down box with the alphabetical list of countries or to enter a country to get all airports of such country.

If you type airport ICAO or IATA code in the field 'Search for airport' you will see airport details (see below).

Airport Directory sections

Majority of the information displayed is imported from Acukwik. Some fields can not be edited, although Leon Suuport Team can make changes if required (contact The editable fields are those framed - you can change or add information there.

  • Details - general airport information. Taxi in/Taxi out times - which can be edited and defined for particular airports - will be included in suggested STA time calculated from GCD (Great Circle Distance) when planning new flights (either in 'New Flight' or 'Planned Flight' section). Please note, that aircraft performance data (Speed in 1st h of flight, TAS) must be entered in OPS > Fleet > Fleet Edit screen, so that GCD times are enabled (read more here).
  • Handling/FBO - the list of available handling agents/FBOs at a particular airport. You can mark your “favourite” handling agent (click on the star which will get yellow) - it will be selected automatically every time you add a flight to/from that particular airport.

  • Hotels - the list of available hotels.
  • Restrictions/Information/Suppliers - specific information regarding particular airports.
  • Category - airport categories which can be defined per specific aircraft manually.

  • Notes - in the field Note you can insert information which will appear on the Trip Sheet document, section 'Airport Notes'. Information added in the field Pilot notes also will appear on the Trip Sheet, in the section 'Pilot Notes'.

  • Brief - here you can upload a pdf file with a brief information that is needed to be acknowledged by a pilot before flying to a particular airport.
If you wish to add to the system either a handling agent/FBO or a hotel which is not available in Leon database, please email with details - our IT dept will complete missing data.

You are able to edit and change details in the framed fields like i.e. 'Website', 'Tower Phone', etc…

If manually added information should remain private, you should click on the paddlock-icon that shows up between a field with the information and the name of the field.

If you hover the mouse over it you will see a message Click to make this field private which means that only you can see added information, nobody else. You can always undo that action by clicking again on the paddlock-icon.

Approved handling/FBO agents

It is possible now to set the approval date of the handling agents or FBOs in Leon. Leon will send an email notification at 00:00 every day to the inserted email address, if the expiry date has passed. You can add an email address (or more than one divided by a comma) in the section Admin > Operator Settings at the bottom of the page.

In the section Airport Directory > Handling/FBO, in the top-right corner of the pop-up window you can find the information: Not approved (click here to approve).

If you click on the active icon a calendar shows up - by selecting a day of the month you set an approval date. Once the date is selected the information Approved until (date) appears.

The information that a particular handling agent has been approved also appears next to the agent's name, in the Legs Info section.

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