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Assigning Crew

Change of an aircraft registration for assigned crew

Assigning Crew automatically to flights is possible by scheduling them in Crew Duties. If a duty, by definition, should be included in planning and assigned to an aircraft (by type or registration), a crew will automatically be scheduled on a flight, as per duty.

There are 2 following scenarios if changes are made to the Duty Roster:

  1. Change of the registration but the same aircraft type - crew will remain assigned to the flight with the new aircraft registration (see a screenshot on the right).
  2. Change of the aircraft type - crew currently assigned will be removed from the flight. If different crew have relevant duties scheduled and appropriate ratings, they will be assigned to the flight.

If there are no duties scheduled and the crew are already assigned to a flight, changing aircraft type will remove the crew from this flight. Changing the type of an aircraft back to the previously assigned one, will re-assign the same crew.

Changing an aircraft registration or type in a section Schedule does not result in changing duties (their types and colours) in a section Crew > Duties
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