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BOOKINGS changes

We have rearranged a panel BOOKINGS to make it more user-friendly for a Customer Support Department dealing with customers once the quote has been booked. Such a team deals with things like:

  1. contacting the client to arrange catering, PAX transport, etc…
  2. sending a Flight Brief and other documents to the client.
  3. adding PAX details to the system.
Grouping quotations & flights by Client

Grouping by Client

Leon shows Quotations & Flights grouped by the Client (selected as a 'Requester' in the quote's edition) - this way it is much easier to find a client and deal with the quote.

Leon will show clients assigned to the quote within selected period of time and will display them alphabetically.

Subcharter quotes no longer show as a separate tail - they will show on the client's Quotation section.

Adding Reservations is no longer possible from this panel - they can be added only from 'OPS > Calendar' or 'OPS > Timeline' sections.

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