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Updating the status of handling requests without sending actual email

If you are sending emails to Handling Agents from external company email and only update manually statuses in Leon, new version of Handling Requests will automatically update to EPPO Show History and the status in the history section.

Clicking on the EPPO Show History will display There are no changes to this flight message. Clicking on it enables an option to send Handling email with an update.

Updating Handling Status also updates the Airport Slots to .

If one leg is cancelled the status will change to and New Handling section will display EPPO Update information. Clicking on it will allow to send Handling request cancellation email. Once the cancellation email was sent, the status will update to .

All the changes will update Handling Request History as shown in a screenshot below

As you can see in the screenshot, Handling Request with teh status updated manually will have no email information and will only display a message This email wasn't sent to an agent.

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