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Revenue per an aircraft - displaying data with charts
Revenue per the client - chart 'Bar'
Revenue per the client - chart 'Line'

It is now possible to show various charts in sections: WIZARD REPORT, EMAIL TEMPLATES and DOCUMENTS MANAGER.

You can show various charts, by using QuickChart Documentation web service that generates chart images, which are suitable for embedding in email, SMS, chatbots, and other formats.

The below example made in WIZARD REPORT shows wide range of possibilities of this feature.

The screenshot on the right shows how Wizard Report can generate a 'Revenue report' displaying charts per an aircraft. The chart is type 'doughnut' but you can as well use 'pie' or 'radar' types.

You can choose the width & the height of the chart by changing items: width=xxx, height=xxx

You can also create such report per a client and it can be displayed as i.e. 'bar' type or 'line' type (see screenshots). Here you can decide about the width & the height of the bars/lines as well as about the colour of the border and the background (choose borderColor and backgroundColor).

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