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Crew Calendar - general view

New Crew Duties page called CREW CALENDAR has been released. Certain sections are still being developed but majority of functions are already in place ready to be tested.

In this calendar-like section of CREW you can schedule crew duties for a selected period of time, for most part, exactly like in the old Crew Duties page; however, the interface has been changed to correspond more with Crew Panel Timeline page. Right clicking on a given day opens up a pop up window with a menu allowing to select an action to do. It is possible to see Activity Details - information on duties performed on a particular day, you can Add Simulator, Positioning or Duty. You can also see Changes History or Delete duty. Unlike in the old Crew Duties panel, here you can add a duty crossing midnight.

The FILTER is located in the top bar section of the interface, similarly to Crew Panel Timeline view. It allows to filter out crew by crew names, labels, position types and aircraft types. You can select more than one crew member or label.

Crew Calendar filter

From the same top bar it is possible to switch between the Crew Calendar and Crew Timeline view, select the time-frame, timezone (old Crew Duties were only available in UTC), switch on or off the draft mode as well as crew requests. Crew Requests, just like in the old Crew Duties and Crew Panel page, appear with the red duty letter code When you right-click on the duty you can either accept or decline the request.

If the Drafts toggle is switched to ON the unpublished draft is indicated by a pink line at the bottom of the duty squares.

Once the draft of the roster is ready, you can publish it by clicking the button. This opens up a pop-up window in which you can select the time-frame (by default it is set to 15 days ahead) and crew members for which you want the roster to get published.

Assigning Crew

Calendar - Assign Crew

Assigning Crew to flights is done in a few quick steps. First of all, in Duties Setup, duties on aircraft need to be configured, just like in the old Crew Duties page. If this is done and the flights have been added to the schedule, when adding duties on a particular aircraft registration, a pop - up window will appear with duty info on the left and list of available flights on the right. In this window it is possible to select more than one crew member to be assigned to the flights with corresponding crew positions as per crew ratings assigned in Crew Profile page.

Duty details

Activity Details

Once the crew is assigned to a flight duty or simulator aircraft icon will appear Assigned positioning appears as bus icon in the calendar. Multiple activities can be assigned on one day to a crew member. To see the details of all duties on a particular day, right-click on a given day cell and select Activity Details. This opens up a pop-up window in which all activities including duties assigned, requests and flights are listed.

Multiple duties in one day

Edit SIM

It is not possible to add several duties in one day. If one duty has been added, right clicking on that same day will show context menu with ADD DUTY & QUICK ADD DUTY greyed out. It is, however, possible to add two or more SIM sessions or positionings in one day.

It is also possible to edit the simulator and positioning. If there are two SIM or positioning duties added in the same day, clicking EDIT will generate context menu allowing to chose the appropriate session.

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