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New features have been introduced in Crew Calendar.

Additional filtering options

Additional filtering crew options in the Crew Calendar panel have been implemented.

It is now possible to filter by:

  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft labels

Both abovementioned options are most useful when the grouping in the 3-dot filter is set to 'Aircraft.

Both filtering options are located under the option at the top of the screen.

Filter by Aircraft tail & label

In order for these options to work, go to 'Settings' > 'Fleet' section, edit aircraft profile and assign labels in the tab 'Basic'.

In the tab 'Crew', assign specific crew members who have ratings on this particular type.

Once it's done, you can start using the abovementioned filters.

Aircraft Registration allows filtering by crew assigned to specific aircraft registration in 'Settings' > 'Fleet' > tab 'CREW' in aircraft details.

Aircraft labels allows filtering by crew assigned to the aircraft with a specific label. Since this filtering option applies to the crew it means that if the crew member is assigned to another aircraft with a different label, this other aircraft will also appear in Crew Calendar. In the screenshot, Crew are filtered by G450 label assigned to GLF4 fleet, but since some crew are also assigned to F900 and A319, these aircraft will also display.

This is especially useful for operators with a larger fleet as the same label can be assigned to more than one aircraft tail hence it is not necessary to select all aircraft registrations in the filter.

Cloning duties using resize feature

It is possible to clone duties in Crew Calendar by simply resizing the selected duty.

In order to do that, simply left-click on the duty until you see the 'resize' icon. Still holding the left key of the mouse, move it to the left/right and cover the calendar tiles to which the duty should be cloned. Once the mouse button is released the duty should clone to marked calendar tiles.

If the cloned duty overlaps already-existing duty, this duty will be overwritten with the new duty.

This feature works both in draft mode as well as in the actual mode.

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