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Requests in Crew Duty Roster

Accepting crew duty request
Rejecting crew duty request

Before this change, crew were able to make requests in the Duty Roster only for days without assigned duties.

Right now crew can also make requests on days where duties have already been assigned.

For example, a pilot has been assigned 4 days of training, but wants to have holiday on those days - the pilot can mark days of training in the duty roster and make a request. In such a case already added duties codes remain black, but are in red brackets.

Crew planner see also the above duties - when hovering the mouse over, Leon shows details of the request as well as details of the existing duty.

A crew planner can accept the request (marking requested duties and clicking on requested duty name, i.e. Holiday or Off, in pop-up window), or reject requested duties (by marking duties and clicking 'Requests' in the pop-up screen, below Delete part), which will bring back initially assigned duty.

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