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We have made several changes to the overall display of Crew Panel section and also added the following features:

1. Airport/Crew Discontinuity

Leon will now mark the flight block with a red zigzag line if the last airport of landing does not correspond with the next airport of take off. This will indicate that aircraft repositioning needs to be added. Analogical situation will happen with the crew section if the airports between last and next duty do not correspond. This will indicate that crew positioning needs to be planned between the two duties.

Maintenance tab

2. Maintenance Tab

When assigning crew to the flight, new maintenance tab is now available in which all technical staff such as Flight Engineers (FM) and Load Masters (LC) can be selected to be added to the selected sectors. The technical staff needs to have proper ratings assigned in the user's profile page. Also in Fleet > Edit Aircraft Positions the positions have to be set as default.

3. Deleting multiple duties

Leon now allows to delete multiple duties across different dates and different crew members. Just hold Ctrl key select duties to be deleted and right click the mouse and select Delete Duties. You can also use Shift key to delete multiple duties for one crew member.

4. Filtering multiple crew members

It is now possible to filter by multiple crew members. Simply choose the crew members one by one from the Crew Member search box and once you have the list of crew click 'SEARCH' button

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