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Added in Crew Panel

We have added 2 new features in Crew Panel:

  1. Duty notification emails
  2. Presentation of Crew Requests

Duty notifications emails

Notification email sent to the relevant Crew

It is also possible to notify the Crew when the roster or the changes to the roster are published.

In order to do that you need to check the SEND NOTIFICATIONS button that is located at the top of the Crew Panel View.

Once it is checked and the duty is added or published if such option is switched on, Leon will send the notification to the Crew 6 minutes after the task is completed.

The email notification will look as presented in the screenshot and will have the 'Work Schedule' pdf attached.

This is initial version of the functionality and further developments are expected.

Crew duty requests

If the duty is requested by a Crewmember it will be presented as a duty with the red duty label:

To accept or reject the request Crew Planner has to either add this requested duty or override the duty.

Crewmembers can only request the duties via their mobile applications subject to the privileges provided.

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