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CREW PANEL new features


Adding SIM duty in Crew Panel

To add a new Simulator duty from the Crew Panel - once it is already performed - select date range, crew member, right-click the mouse and select 'ADD SIMULATOR'.

Once a pop-up window shows (see screenshot on the right), fill it in with details such as: Aircraft type, Date, ADEP, ADES, BLOFF, T/O, LDG, BLON, Landings, Crew (CPT and FO), Pilot flying, Approach and Notes. All these details (apart from Notes) must be filled in in order to add SIM duty.

Added SIM duty will appear with the black line of minimum rest required after the duty. It will also appear in OPS panel with already filled in Journey Log.

Added SIM duty can always be edited and its details can be changed. It is also possible to delete a particular crew from SIM and/or delete the SIM duty completely.

Roster changes email templates

Settings up an email template for roster changes

In order to enable sending out email notifications for roster changes you need to mark a checkbox SEND NOTIFICATIONS that is located at the top of the Crew Panel View. Once it is ticked and the duty is added or published (if such option is switched on in General Settings), Leon will send the notification to the crew 6 minutes after the task is completed.

It is now also possible to set up an Email template for roster changes notifications. In order to do that go to Settings > Email Templates, click and select Crew panel roster change then put the name (i.e. Rev1) and save.

Leon will show a new page where you (or your IT dept) can set up email Subject, Body and Recipients - in a similar way as all other templates for sales documents or fuel order.

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