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Below features have been added in Crew Panel:

  1. Virtual Aircraft
  2. 'Show active aircraft only' filtering option

1. 'Virtual Aircraft'

Assigning Crew to Virtual Aircraft

It is now possible to see 'Virtual Aircraft' and assign crew in the Crew Panel.

'Virtual Aircraft' will be displayed at the bottom of the list in the 'Flights' section of Crew Panel. It will also be available in the 'AIRCRAFT' filter.

Crewing options available to the 'Virtual Aircraft' are exactly the same as for standard fleet and include assigning crew, deleting crew, copying crew, etc.

Flights assigned to 'Virtual Aircraft' are displayed in light grey (for ferry flights) and in dark grey (for flights with PAX). This is caused by the lack of indication of minimum crew required on such an aircraft.

'Show active aircraft only' filter

2. 'Show active aircraft only' in the filter

This option is available in the filter.

Switching to 'YES' will display only active aircraft in the 'Flights' section.

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