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Crew Panel

Adding a new duty from a 'QUICK ADD DUTY' panel
Adding multiple duties to many crew by using 'Ctrl' key

It is possible now to add duties into the new Crew Panel section. You can add single or multiple duties, to one or more crew members at once.

:!: You can now add duties which cross midnight. Be aware that in the old crew roster Leon will show such duties on the day of the duty start.

Duties added in CREW PANEL section

To add a duty mark a day, right-click with the mouse and select either ADD DUTY or QUICK ADD DUTY.


An option 'ADD DUTY' shows a drop-down box with all duties (pre-defined in a section Settings > Duties Setup), select a needed one and fill a new pop-up window in with details.

Leon shows times in BT - Base Time - base/bases are defined in a section Settings > General Settings. Every crew can be assign to a certain base and that base's timezone shows on top of the page (between date 'TO' and an icon 'NOW').


An option 'QUICK ADD DUTY' is a quicker way of adding duties. Hover the mouse over it and Leon will show all pre-defined duties along with their colours. It is more suitable for 'OFF' types of duties, as Leon does not show a pop-up window where you can add details - Leon adds duties with default times (previously defined in a section Duties Setup).

If you want to add duties to more than one crew, on more than one day, use either key Shift and mark as many days as needed, or use key Ctrl and select particular days for a number of crew members.


It is not possible yet to edit or delete duties - such options will be implemented in one of the future releases.
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