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Improvement of the Crew Panel

We have introduced new functions in Crew Panel:

Crew Panel updated view
  • Sort by leg - you can sort the crew by flight in the Crew Section of the Panel. This can be done in 2 ways, by either clicking on the flight and pressing 's', or by clicking on the flight with the right-click of the mouse and choosing 'Sort by leg' from the available menu. Once that's done the Crew section will display the duty of the crew assigned to this flight.
  • Tooltip with Crew contact details - hovering the mouse over a sector will display Crew assigned including the contact details (email and the telephone number). Hovering the mouse over the crew code in the Crew section will also display the contact details.
  • Created/Updated - hover the mouse over the duty and Leon will show an information: Created by (name/surname, code, date & time), Updated by (name/surname, code, date & time).
  • Flight colours - in the Flight section of the Crew Panel we have introduced the colour marking of the flights:

is for the full set of crew.

is for the partially assigned crew or none.

  • Maintenance - scheduled maintenance can be seen in the Flight section. This can be removed by unticking 'Maintenance' checkbox in the 'SHOW' part of the filter.
  • Dim ferry legs - this option is also located in the tab 'SHOW' in the filter.
  • Crew ratings - displayed the highest rating right next to the crew code.
It is very important to us that at this stage you, as an experienced Crew Planner, provide us with a feedback regarding the functionality. What do you think about the 'Crew Panel' interface? Does editing per-day is intuitive for you, or do you find this view working in some hard to predict manner? Please send any feedback to
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