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New CREW PANEL features

We have made following additions to the Crew Panel section:

1. The possibility of adding Positioning

To add positioning in the Crew Panel you need to follow below steps:

Adding positioning window
  1. Right-click on a flight in the Crew part of Crew Panel to open 'New Positioning' window.
  2. In the 'New Positioning' window, Leon will suggest the date of positioning, the departure of positioning (this is ADES from the sector you clicked on) and the Crew from the sector you clicked on. The Crew member which the positioning is added to will be framed - It is possible to change the default date, the departure airport of positioning as well as add extra crew by choosing them from the dropdown list.
  3. Click 'ADD' button to save positioning. Once the positioning is saved it will display in the Crew part of Crew Panel as . Positioning will also display in the TABLE section of the SCHEDULE view.

Once the positioning is added it is also possible to add further positionings, edit existing positioning and deleted the positioning. You simply need to click on the existing positioning and choose the relevand option.

2. Quick Crew search

Apart from standard search of the Crew that can be performed in the Crew Panel filter you can also quick search for a Crew member. All you need to do is simply click on letter 'f' on your keyboard, type in the Crew member in the 'Crew member search' pop-up window and press enter. Leon will only display this particular Crew member.

To bring back view for all the crew you need to either remove the Crew from the 'Crewm Member search' in the filter or simply reset the filter.

3. Duty info

It is possible to view duty information in 2 ways:

  • One click on the duty - this will display the duty information at the bottom of the Crew Panel Page.
  • Double-click on the duty - this will open a pop-up window with the full duty information including the duty type and whom this duty was added by and when.
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