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We have introduced further developments to the Crew Panel section.

Move up function

'Move up' function

This functionality allows you to move a selected Crew member to the top of the Crew List.

To use this function you need to click on the calendar tile and select 'MOVE UP' option, as per screenshot.

It is possible to move up a number of crew members, one at a time. The Crew members will then display by the selection order in which they were moved.

Example of 'Time collision' warning

'Discontinuity' and 'Time collision' warnings

Leon will now display 2 types of warnings in the assign crew pop-up window:

  • Discontinuity detected - if you try to assign a crew member to 2 flights with the airport discontinuity between the sectors. This is to suggest that the positioning needs to be added
  • Time collision detected - if you try to assign a Crew member to 2 flights that are overlapping each other

Improvements to the Crew Tiles

When assigning crew to the flights, Leon recalculates the FTLS's.

Leon also will suggest FTL calculations by highlighting the crew tile with the following colours:

- FTL within limits

- rest before the flight violation. not enough rest to perform this flight or series of flights

- FDP violation on the flight the crew is to be assigned to

Leon displays block times within the crew tile, the top figure being monthly block time and the bottom figure being the yearly block time.

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