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Hotel Booking Pop-Up Window

A new feature to add hotel reservations for crew members has been implemented. Under the 3-dot icon, it is now possible to switch an option to show Required hotel. Once this option is marked, Leon will show icon after each flight if a crew member ends his flight duty outside of his home base. The red H letter indicates that the hotel has not been reserved. Once you click on the icon a Hotel booking pop-up window will open. In the pop-up window it is possible to select:

  • Hotel from the drop-down menu
  • Check-in & Check out times in UTC or BT
  • Status of the reservation
  • Crew members for whom the reservation was made
  • Notes (at the moment visible in Report Wizard only)

Once the reservation details are added the letter H in the hotel icon will change colour to white

If manual publication of drafts is enabled a pink background will appear indicating the change requires publication.

If you right-click on the hotel icon from the context menu you can choose from 3 options:

  • Edit Hotel reservation - once selected you can amend the existing reservation
  • Delete From Hotel Reservation - selecting will delete selected crew members from the booking
  • Delete Hotel Reservation - selecting removes the entire hotel booking

If the crew, in a given time-range, performs a series of flights ending at the same airport out of the home base, adding one hotel reservation for the selected time-frame will mark all hotel icons as booked. This saves the crew planners from adding a hotel reservation after each flight separately.

In a situation where the destination airport is different from the airport at which the hotel was originally booked ( a case of flight diversion) the required hotel icon will display in red.

Additionally, a new scope has been added to the Report Wizard section called Hotel Booking where it is possible to generate a report with hotel reservations and filter out hotel bookings by selected Airport and Status (untouched, requested, and confirmed).

Currently, adding hotel reservations in Crew Timeline works independently to hotel reservations in the OPS section and do not affect FTL calculations (e.g. min rest required in Home Base)
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