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Documents Manager

Documents Manager panel allows making changes in documents, such as Flight Order and Flight Brief. Right now changes can only be done in Leon default template of the Flight Brief or Flight Order. In the future also custom templates will be able to be modified. Also, other documents (Flight Order, Trip Sheet, Pax Info, Charter Contract) will be successively added to this panel

Main page

Documents Manager main page

The main page shows 3 filtering options: by document type, language and publishing status, as well as 5 columns:

  • Documents - saved versions of Flight Brief.
  • Language - used language on the document.
  • Published - the status of the documents, whether they have been published, or not. Click on the white dot if you want to publish saved version - the dot will become green.
  • Last modified - the date of the latest modification.
  • Action - once the document has been uploaded you can hover the mouse to see available options:
  1. - the edition of the document
  2. - saving the copy of the modified document
  3. - deleting saved document
  4. - viewing of the document

Managing documents

Documents Manager - Body of the document

In order to start managing your documents you need to first upload them into Documents Manager panel. Click icon, select the document and insert the version number. Once it's saved Leon will move you straight to the document's edition page, where you can start making changes.

There are 4 sections in the document's edition page:

  1. HEADER - here you can insert document's header.
  2. BODY - you can add or modify here tables, columns, text displayed, etc…
  3. FOOTER - insert footer text which will appear at the bottom of the document.
  4. CSS - modify here the font, tables width, borders or logo.

Use buttons at the left-bottom of the screen to save changes, save document's version, preview modifications before saving them or cancel changes you made.

There is a filter available (pin it up in top-right corner) showing further options: uploading files or modifying margins and page orientation.

If you don't have IT experience, we advise you contact your IT team to help you in modifying documents
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