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Documents Manager new functionalities

  • Managing Charter Agreement

We have added anothere document into Documents Manager: Charter Agreement. Only Leon default template can be managed in this panel.

  • Publishing multiple versions of the same document
Publishing multiple versions of the same document

It is possible to publish multiple versions of the same document. All of them will appear in the main Documents Manager page as well as in Schedule documents list.


If you already have one version of Trip Sheet document but need another one with a different format, click button, select Trip Sheet, then type a different version number or a name. Once you have clicked SAVE, Leon will transfer you to the Trip Sheet HTML, where you can re-arrange it. Once you've saved your changes and are back in the main Documents Manager page, the new version will appear and can be published.

  • Editing documents version

In the main Documents Manager page you can manually edit & change document's version number/name by hovering a mouse over it, clicking a pen-icon and typing a new one:

  • Flight Order 2 different templates available

When uploading a new Flight Order template (use button) Leon gives a choice between 2 different Flight Order templates. Click the loope icon to view which version you preffer.

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