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UPLIFT units set up

It is now possible to select different Fuel units for Block/Used/Remaining Fuel and different for the 'Uplift'.

In a section Settings > Fleet edit the aircraft and set up a default fuel unit as per below example.

Once the default fuel unit is set up, you can add fuel in kg's, lbs', litres or US gallons in the Journey Log panel (as per below screenshot) - the default fuel unit applies to Block fuel, Used fuel, Remaining fuel and Uplift.

The same defined fuel unit shows in the panel of the OPS section.

'Uplift' unit can be changed on each flight separately, but it will not recalculate the value of the 'Uplift' already inserted.

We also added Uplift density (kg/L) in the JL section. This field is optional and can be activated in Settings > Flight Editing > Journey Log section.

The default Uplift density values are as per below:

  • JET A-1 - 0.81556862 kg/L
  • AVGAS - 0.69559241 kg/L

The value is selected by default in the JL based on fuel type set in Settings > Fleet > OPS tab. This field allows amending the density of the fuel in 'Uplift' with the values between 0 and 1.

All the reports that take fuel into consideration such as: CO2 emission, Aircraft Flights, Network Departures and fuel columns in Report Wizard - will recalculate with accordance to this density value.

The 'Uplift' and 'Uplift density' have been added in the following places:

  • Uplift Density column added in the Report Wizard
  • Uplift and Uplift Density added to the Available data in the Documents Manager > Flight Order under (refuelDensity, refuelKg, refuelL, refuelLbs, refuelUnit, refuelUsGal)

With regards to the Flight Order document, if there are different 'Uplift' units used on different flights within the trip, the 'Uplift' column will indicate a unit for each flight but the total value will be recalculated and always be presented in the default unit.

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