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Manual Rest reduction

Applying manual rest reduction

There are 2 modes of rest reduction currently available in Leon:

  • Auto - rest reduction applied automatically depending on the FTL settings and calculations
  • Manual - new mode allowing to decide whether the reduction should be applied or not. In this mode, the rest reduction is not applied by default

Manual Rest reduction can be enabled in Settings > Flight editing by ticking 'Require manual enabling of rest reduction' checkbox.

Once the checkbox is ticked, rest reduction does not apply automatically to the newly added flights. Instead, the Operator is switched from the 'auto mode' to the 'manual mode' and rest reduction is disabled by default.

In order to apply the rest reduction, you need to edit crew Duty&FDP sectors' subsection in the tab CREW > FTL CALCULATIONS (OPS view). Click on the icon depending on the place you'd like to apply the reduction to and choose one of the following:

  • Force rest reduction - available in manual mode and clicking on it applies rest reduction
  • Disable rest reduction - available both in manual mode as well as the auto mode. Available only if the rest reduction has been applied
  • Restore rest reduction - available only in auto mode and only after the rest reduction has been previously disabled
Manual rest reduction functionality will only apply to the flights added after the option has been activated.
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