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When uploading fuel prices files to Leon, not all of them consist of both: 'Base' (excluding taxes) and 'Total' price (including taxes). To make it possible viewing both fuel prices in panels: Fuel Prices & OPS > tab FUEL, we have made it possible uploading a file with Country tax rates.

A file itself needs to be created as per the format below - only 2 columns are needed: Country and Total Taxes.

A column 'Country' can have inserted either country name (Argentina), country code (ARG) or iso code (AR).

A value from 'Total Taxes' column will update fuel prices for airports of a country from this file:

  • Total price = 'Base price' multiplied by 'Total Taxes' value.
  • Base price = 'Total price' divided by 'Total Taxes' value.

What's important is that inside the file, the sheet's name must be 'Fuel Taxes', otherwise it will not work.

Country tax rates from uploaded file

Once the file is ready, go to OPS > Fuel Prices panel and use an uploader Upload countries tax rates.

Uploaded fuel taxes will show on the main 'Fuel Prices' page in a column Country tax rate (see screenshot on the right).

In a panel OPS, tab FUEL, if you switch between 'BASE' & 'TOTAL', Leon will show prices accordingly, as per an example below: the tax rate for Germany has been defined to '3' and Leon shows 'Total' price as 'Base' price multiplied by '3'.

If the fuel file uploaded to Leon already contained both prices: 'Base' & 'Total', Leon will not update them.
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