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Handling Request Manifest

It is possible to attach Handling Requests Manifest when sending out Handling Requests email. By default the layout of this document is the same as PAX Manifest document, however, it can be re-named and re-arranged in Documents Manager panel into a custom document, if needed.

Go to Settings > Documents Manager panel, click and select Handling Request Manifest. When a pop-up window appears insert document's name (or leave as Handling Requests Manifest) and add document's version.

Handling Requests - attaching an additional document to HR email

Below you can find an example of a custom document 'Custom PAX Manifest' added to HR panel.

Once it's saved you will find this document as unpublished (indicated with the white dot, if you change in the upper filter from YES to NO).

Edit the document and re-arrange it in Documents Manager panel according to your needs by using 'Available Data' items and HTML/CSS panels. Once it's all adjusted, publish the document (click the white dot which will become green).

In a section OPS > Checklist > Handling, when sending a new Handling Requests email, it will be possible to attach new document along with GenDec (see screenshot on the right).

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