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Sending rules

It is now possible to set up Handling Requests rules for aircraft. You can define whether Leon should disable sending HR emails for the entire fleet to a particular airport/airports, or should Leon enable sending HR emails for just one tail (or a few), to a particular airport/airports.

By clicking a link Add rule you can select the aircraft registration, an airport, whether HR emails should be sent or not as well as the order.

Defining Handling Requests email sending for the fleet

If for a particular airport there should not be sent any HR emails at all, leave aircraft field as 'Select' - Leon will show Any in the column 'Registration'. In such case, when adding a new flight to the airport where it is defined that no HR email should be sent, in a tab 'Checklist' Leon will show handling's status as 'Not Applicable' and will not select any handler. Also, when hovering the mouse over the 'Note' icon, Leon will show an information:“Handling is not required on selected airport for current aircraft”. You can, of course, still select a handling agent manually and send HR email, if necessary.

The Order defines which setting is more important if it comes to defining the rule for the same airport.

For example, no HR emails should be sent to EGGW, apart from the aircraft A-BCDE - the order for A-BCDE should be higher then for 'Any' rule, so that sending HR emails for this tail is enabled. It is not possible to add the same order to 2 different rules. If you try to do so, Leon will change the order of previously added rule (either increase it or decrease it, depending on numbers of rules and order-number you add).

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