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We will soon make important changes in creating quotes in the section Planned Flights.

The purpose of making these changes is to avoid the mess which is caused by different flights added to the trip and different flights added to the quotation. In other words, a trip flights will always match quote flights.

! All changes mentioned below will apply for new quotations only, unless flights of the trip match flights added in the quotation (see screenshots below).

trip no.png



A field Quote no will disappear from 'Trip Info' page.

quote no.png


A field Offer No. in the tab 'Quotation' will be changed to Quotation no. which can be generated automatically by the system or manually inserted.

Click on 'Create' to get a quote number generated by the system. It will appear as 'Auto' as long as the new quote is saved. Once it's saved, when you edit it you can see the number as on the screenshot below.

create quote nu..png

Before quotation is saved the number appears as Auto

auto quote.png

After quotation is saved, it appears as below.

saved quote.png

You can always mark the checkbox 'Auto' and insert a quotation number manually.

manual quote number.png

manual quote no saved.png

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