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When viewing Planned Flights section, Leon will inform you if there has been any crew change done on the flight. Moreover, when you hover the mouse over the belt, a pop-up window will show up with the information about the previous and the actual crew.

The only requirement from you is to have a checkbox 'Show crew change' ticked in the filter.

Below you can see examples of how this feature works:

  • A new flight added - a 'crew change' belt - when hovering the mouse over it - will show the information about the previous crew (from the last flight on that particular aircraft) and actual crew (just added).

  • Crew changed on the 1st leg - an information will appear before the 2nd leg, showing the information about the initial (previous) crew and the changed crew.

  • Crew changed on the last leg - an information will appear before the last leg of the trip about the previous crew on that leg and the changed crew.

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