Section Planned Flights > Edit Trip has been re-arranged. Comparing to the previous one it looks more clearly in both tabs: Trip Info and Quotation.

Now available on beta.leon.aero - on Tuesday the 18th of November also on leon.aero

Trip Info

The screen is divided in 2 columns:

Trip summary which contains 2 tabs:


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'Planned Flights' > tab 'Trip Info'

Here you can see added flights/options (schedule, aircraft, date, pax number and handling). If you hover the mouse? over the 'Handling' dot a pop-up window will show up with handling agent/FBO details. A favourite handler is marked with a yellow star.

When you add a new trip in Planned Flights section, there is no option to add crew in this page, so Leon does not show FDP warning as long as the crew is added to the trip, either from Edit Flight or Crew Input Table section.

When no crew is added you can still check FDP limit for just added trip by clicking Click to refresh icon. Leon will display details as on the screenshot below.


Once the crew is assigned to the trip you can 'click to refresh' icon to get the information FDP: Correct or Flight Duty Period is too long .

Sales checklist

Make sure sales checklist items have been enabled in Admin > Operator Settings > Flight Editing section.

In this tab you can change the status of each item. The status-dot colour informs about the overall sales checklist status.



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Planned Flights - tab 'Quotation'

There are 3 columns in this section. The page itself is more extended than the previous one and clearer.

  • Quotation summary

This column contains 2 tabs: General ans Docs. You can read more here about options behind them.

  • Quotation legs

You can see all legs of the quotation: date, STD, ADEP, ADES, STA and block time of each single leg plus block time of all legs altogether.

  • Pricing

All fees defined in the section Sales > Quotations > Price Lists appear here (read this chapter for more information).

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