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Q5 Integration

Q5 integration section

Q5 Systems has been developing quality, security, and environmental, health and safety software since the early 1990's to help professionals better manage the complexity of an ever-changing business environment and the inherent risks associated with every day operations.

Q5 offers a suite of safety software products to enable optimal safety compliance including audit and inspections management, incident management, corrective actions, risk management, project observation management and custom development.

For more information visit Q5 Systems website.

How to integrate

In order to integrate Q5 with Leon, you need to switch the status to ON. Insert your Q5 login details in the CREDENTIALS section and press AUTHENTICATE button to save changes. Q5 login details are the ones that you use to access Q5 System.

How to configure

Once you have integrated you need to configure the available 'EVENTS'. There is a possibility of adding further 'Events' in the future.

The only currently available event is a 'Late Roster' warning.

Once you click on the 'Late Roster it will open a dropdown list with an option to choose Customer. 'Customer' is a Department within Q5 System you would like to send the warning to.

Switch the status to 'ON' and set the remaining items: Priority, Location, Type, Category and Subcategory. These items are uploaded from Q5 and can be added only in Q5. This is to correctly map the event from Leon in Q5 System.

If you want to update the list of items from Q5 in Leon simply go to INTEGRATIONS section, click on Q5 integration and the list of items should refresh. List of items you see in each following dropdown is a result of the item chosen in the previous dropdown.

Threshold is set in Leon and means the number of days from 'Now' onwards that Leon should search for a security event. More information in 'How it works' section.

How it works

Currently, the integration allows recording any security-related events, such as overdue publishing of the roster, in the Security Management System that is Q5. Depending on the configuration, if such an event occurs in Leon, the information is automatically forwarded to Q5 System.


Duty Roster for Q5

The screenshot will help you to understand when the Duty Roster event is reported to Q5 systems.

Let's assume that 2nd February at 15:00 is our 'NOW'. Marked within red frame in the screenshot.

The 'Roster effective date' has been set to 13th February. This is the dark blue line in the screenshot.

In the integration settings we have inserted 14 days 'Threshold'. Field marked yellow in the screenshot.

The above values mean that the 'Roster effective date' is currently placed withing the 'Threshold' (2nd of February at 15:00 + 14days is 16th of February at 14:59).

Since the 'Roster effective date' is within the 'Threshold' period, if we now move the 'Roster effective date' to any other date, the event will be reported within Q5 system.

For the Q5 notification purpose, Leon will always check when the effective date has been moved, considering the 'NOW' and the 'Threshold'.

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