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RocketRoute integration

RocketRoute Integration

Activating the integration with RocketRoute is very easy. This is done globally from the section Settings > Integrations by switching the 'Configuration' button to 'ON' and saving changes.

If you are attempting sending flights to RocketRoute for the first time, you will need to configure your RocketRoute account with Leon:

  1. Click on the RocketRoute link available in the documents tooltip (right click of the mouse in Table section) in order to activate “Send to RocketRoute” window
  2. Click on 'CONFIGURE' button and insert your RocketRoute login credentials and save changes. These are the same login details that one uses to access RocketRoute.

If the credentials are incorrect Leon issues a warning. If, along the way, you change your credentials in RocketRoute, you will be asked to update it in Leon. After inserting the credentials, Leon will remember them so you don't have to insert them each time after relogging to the system.

We have removed the RocketRoute integration credentials section from User Profile and moved it to “Send to RocketRoute” link in SCHEDULE section
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