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FuelerLinx Integration

FuelerLinx configuration panel

FuelerLinx is an aviation fuel planning and tankering software system.

FuelerLinx provides flight departments with an optimized tankering and flight plan that takes into consideration fuel price differentials at multiple airports, aircraft performance data, IFR reserves, tankering penalties, and ramp fee/avoidance.

The program allows dispatchers and pilots to optimize flight operations, automate the fuel purchasing process, and reconcile/pay fuel invoices all while reducing operating costs in one easy to manage interface.

For more information, please visit FuelerLinx website.

How to integrate

In order to integrate please go to configuration section and switch the status to ON, you will be provided with Login ID and User Key.

Send this information to FuelerLinx support at

You will be informed by FuelerLinx Support once you're integrated.

How it works

FuelerLinx and Leon Software integrated greatly simplifies workflow and together both systems centralize information and decision points into one marketplace.

Once you have integrated, FuelerLinx starts requesting schedules from Leon including the following data: flight number and trip number, ADEP and ADES (both in ICAO), STD and STA, aircraft registration, number of PAX and information if the flight was canceled.

This will allow utilizing/displaying the necessary information in FuelerLinx to speed up the dispatching and tankering process.

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