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Avinode integration panel

Avinode is the world’s largest online Marketplace for buying and selling private air charter.

The integration allows exporting aircraft availability and empty legs to Avinode.

Importing quotations from Avinode is still set up from Schedule Export and Import section.

How to integrate

Before enabling this option you need to contact and request a special Authorization key.

Once you have it, switch the Status to ON and insert the Authorization key provided by Avinode. It is a different credentials to the ones you use to log in to Avinode software.

In the configuration section you can also choose additional settings:

  • Send Options – Non-confirmed flights (Options) will also be exported to Avinode
  • Send only continuous availability from aircraft home base – sends aircraft availability only when the aircraft is located/repositioned to Home Base
  • Reposition aircraft to homebase after [h] - figure in this field indicates how many hours Aircraft will be visible at Home Base in Avinode

More information about exporting flights to Avinode can be found here

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