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SAFE integration

SAFE is a computer program that includes a suite of algorithms that allow a range of factors influencing alertness in aircrew to be evaluated. SAFE is very easy to use and will quickly identify schedules and individual pilot duties with high fatigue scores rapidly.

How to integrate

In order to integrate with SAFE you need to take a license to access the SAFE model. In SAFE, you will need to point the data you create at your own endpoint of SAFE. An endpoint is your own SAFE website address e.g. where “client” is the client`s name. Once you have received the endpoint (client), login and password from FRMSC insert it in the 'CONFIGURATION' section.

How it works

The integration allows sending Pilots data from Leon to SAFE in one easy click.

Go to SAFE roster export report, where you can send the data from Leon to SAFE. Once the data is uploaded to SAFE it undergoes an immediate fatigue and alertness evaluation.

You can also generate the csv file. Generated file can be used and uploaded in SAFE software.

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