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Videcom Integration

Videcom Integration

Videcom is an IATA compliant Airline Reservation System providing Inventory Hosting, IATA Eticketing, Internet Booking Engine, GDS Distribution, Codeshare and Interline connections. For more information please visit: Videcom Official Website.

The integration allows importing schedule from Videcom to Leon, in a few easy steps. Thus eliminating the need to enter the same schedule twice in both systems.

How to integrate

If you already are a Videcom client, you simply need to contact to receive details for integration with Leon. You can set up an integration with Videcom by switching it to Active. Once it's activated insert integration details and press Save (see a screenshot on the right).

How to import flights

Importing fligts from Videcom

Once you are integrated you will see the action button located at the bottom bar of the SCHEDULE section which provides you with an access to Videcom import trigger.

The process of importing flights from Videcom to Leon is as follow:

  1. Go to integrations section Videcom
  2. Click on Videcom in order to open Import window.
  3. Choose the date range and click 'IMPORT' button. Leon will search for the flights and if there are any scheduled in Videcom, they will be listed in the 'Import Window'. After clicking on 'IMPORT' button Leon will display flights devided into 3 sections: New - flights just imported for the first time; Updated - any updates made in Videcom or Leon to previously downloaded flight; Skipped - flights ignored during import due to a number of reasons such as: missing IATA code or number, unrecognized airport, etc.
  4. Relevant flights will display in Leon upon refreshing the SCHEDULE page view.

If the schedule changes are made in Leon, Videcom will overwrite it upon next import.

It is most convenient to have the Aircraft registration from Leon registered in Videcom. Otherwise, since Videcom is IATA based software, please make sure your Fleet have IATA codes inserted. If an aircraft registered in Videcom is missing in Leon, the flights will not be imported.

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