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It is possible to choose the elements of the flight that affect Handling Request status

Handling Request status changes checklist

In order to do it you have to go to Admin > Operator settings > Handling Requests tab where you will find HR status changes checklist. The checklist consists of a list of items as shown in the screenshot, which when ticked will affect the status and change it to and vice-versa (unticked - changes made to a flight will not change the status). “Time change treshold” allows to set a time buffer. If the schedule is changed by fewer minutes than indicated in this option, the HR status will not change.

All the elements of the checklist are ticked by default. Schedule checkbox is ticked and cannot be modified.

This checklist applies to New Handling Request status changes only.

Changes to the fligt that affect the status of Handling Request, apart from changing status to , will also change HR link to Airport Name Update. When hovering the mouse over this link, it will display a list of changes in the tooltip.

Changes displayed in a tooltip
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