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In the section Crew > Duties, apart from assigning duties in the old way, you can now plan duties for your crew before publishing it.

In the filter you can find the Plan mode and the Actual mode. If you want to switch to the plan mode, tick the checkbox and click 'Show'. In the top-left corner you will see an information You are now in the plan mode . Next to it you can see two buttons: and which can be used if either you want to publish changes, or reject them.

Switching to the plan mode does not mean that all duties assigned before will disappear. They will remain untouched. Below you can see examples of using Plan mode feature.

  • 1 - Planning new duties (on unassigned days - blank squares)

When adding duties in the plan mode on previously unassigned days, everything looks the same as if adding duties in the actual mode. The only difference is that in the top-left corner of the square there is a green flag.

If it happens that you have planned a new duty on the day where there was already either flight, positioning or office duty assigned, when you hover the mouse over the square, the pop-up window will appear with the information (see examples below):

  • 2 - Replacing actual duties with the planned ones

If you want to replace the actual duty with the new one, click on the existing square/squares and select new duty from the list previously defined in CDR Definition section. In each new duty-square, in the top-left corner there will be a red flag.

  • 3 - Publishing or rejecting changes in crew duties table

If you have finished planning duties you can save it by clicking the icon 'publish'. Leon will show an information: The plan will be published. Proceed?. If you click OK, then on top of the screen Leon will show the progress bar. The status of the publishing is being refreshed automatically.

The lenght of the publishing process depends on the number of new duties assigned or changes made in the roster.

Once it's done, Leon will switch to the actual mode and the message will be sent out - the 'Messages' envelope on the belt will turn yellow . Inside the 'Messages' section you will find an email Script complete and the exact time in UTC.

If at any point you would like to get rid of all the newly planned duties, click the icon 'reject (Leon will show: All planned changes will be deleted. Proceed?) and all of them will disappear. You can always delete a single planned duty, or a few of them, in the same way you do in the actual mode.

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