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Another method of sending MVT Reports has been implemented in Leon.

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MVT report - method 2

Go to OPS > Fleet and select aircraft to create a default message that will be included in the reports. Select MVT Emails tab and tick 'Enable sending MVT e-mail messages'. This opens a form that needs to be filled in with the appropriate data. Mandatory fields are marked by red asterix. It is possible to enter several email addresses (separated by comma) to which the reports should be sent. In the content field of the reports use 'Patterns' available below to get the desired data filled in automatically by the system and to create the enire message.

For example, type in: “Takeoff report: Flight no. [FLIGHT_NO], Departure on [DAY] [MONTH] [YEAR], Acft Reg. [REGISTRATION], ADEP: [APT_DEP], ADES: [APT_DES], Block off time: [BLOFF], Take off time: [TAKE_OFF], Pax no. [PAX]”. All info in the square brackets [] will be automatically inserted in the report by the application. Click 'Show sample message' to preview the email that will be used to send reports (see below).


In the field CC you can add manually email address (one or more, separated by comma) where a copy of MVT message should be sent out. You can also add a specific CC email address for a particular airport in 'Planned Flights' screen, by clicking on the white envelope: koperta.png By default, there is always a handling agent's email address added to CC emails, selected previously in Legs Info > Handling.

Once you complete the entire message do not forget to click 'Update' at the bottom of the page to save the default message.

The same set up needs to be done for each aircraft requiring reports to be sent.

Once the set up is completed the reports are ready to be generated and sent off to appropriate persons specified earlier. Once the Flight Watch data is entered you can select 'Send Takeoff Report' and/or 'Landing Report' and automatically generated message will be sent out. If you do not want the message to be sent - unselect the appropriate fields.

You will notice, that in the field 'CC' all email addresses will show up: handling agent's email address (added by default) plus those added manually either in 'Planned Flights' or 'Fleet edit > MVT Emails' sections (see below).


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