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Converting fuel units

Fuel units conversion option in the JL

Fuel values may be converted from litres or gallons to selected default fuel units (either kgs or lbs - which are initially set in the section Settings > Fleet for each aircraft individually) by the use of the following format:


  • TEMP: @number (of degrees)
  • TEMPUNIT: C - Celsius or F - Fahrenheit (if no unit added Leon will use Celsius)
  • FUELTYPE: J - Jet or A - Avgas (if no type added Leon will use Jet)

Examples of correct inputs (display effect in brackets):

  • 3000 (3000kg)
  • 3000L (2447kg)
  • 3000L@24 (2426kg)
  • 3000USGAL@86F (9134kg)
  • 3000UKGAL@67FA (9421kg)

The calculations take into account the change of fuel density along with the outside temperature during refueling. In case only the volume unit is provided, Leon will do the conversion using default values of 15 degrees C for temperature and J for fuel type.

It is important to remember the values inserted in the above format will be automatically converted to mass units, no display in litres or gallons is available in the Journey Log.

This option is only available in the SCHEDULE section of Leon.

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