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Flights exported from Leon to Safelog

Safelog is the world's most trusted online pilot logbook, offering a full range of flight logging, currency analysis, and career reporting features.

In order to export your Flights to 'Safelog', you need to apply the 'Access token' first. 'Access token' can be generated here. After clicking on the provided link, log in to your 'Safelog' account where you will be provided with the token consisting of the combination of numbers and letters.

Once you have the token, insert it in Leon. Click on 'Export to Safelog' link, insert the 'Access code' and press 'Save token' button.

Once you have integrated you can start exporting your flights to the Logbook. Simply click on 'Export to Safelog' and click on 'Export logbook to Safelog' button in the pop-up window. The flights will be exported and will show in the Safelog.

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