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The reason behind adding this new functionality was to have access to all emails sent out from/to Sales Panel Message of the section 'Requests/Quotes', in folders of the user's email mailbox (Inbox/Outbox).


In a section Settings, we have added a new panel Mailboxes. Enter this panel and click at the bottom of the page - a new window will show up for 'Mailbox' configuration, which needs to be filed in with details, such as:

  • Mailbox name
  • E-mail
  • SMTP configuration - SMTP host, SMTP port, Username, Password & Protocol.
  • IMAP configuration - same as above.

Before saving Mailbox settings, loading folders must be done - click icon and Leon will show a drop-down box Outbox, where all folders of the pre-defined email account will show and 1 outbox folder must be selected. In the Inbox field, it's possible to select more than 1 inbox folder. It is also possible to include 'Subfolders' into the configuration - Leon then will search for emails ot only in folders but also in inbox subfolders.

If an email address added to a field Reply to defined in Email Templates > Sales Panel Message is the same as the one defined in Mailboxes panel, emails will also show in pre-defined email mailbox.

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