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Integration with TRAXXAL

Award-winning TRAXXALL is the most trusted aircraft maintenance tracking and parts inventory management solution available for private jets and helicopters. TRAXXALL is the choice of business aviation operators in 35 countries including Jet Linx — the third largest in North America — and OEMs like Textron Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, and Piaggio Aerospace.

TRAXXALL is the most advanced aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solution for business aviation on the market today. Its innovative, cloud-based system means TRAXXALL is more robust, secure, accurate and cost-effective than traditional legacy systems. TRAXXALL users can get access to their aircraft maintenance and inventory data from any PC, laptop or mobile device. For more information please visit

How to integrate

Please contact your dedicated Traxxall analyst. He/She will coordinate the integration on your aircraft and provide you with all the necessary information, including credentials: the Key (login) and the Secret (password) needed to activate the integration in Leon.

You may also submit your request by email to or by telephone (toll-free): +1 (844) 590-2742

The example of the credentials is presented below:

  • Integration-Api-Key: 15cb1b87-a306-4431-8ecd-8faca56a23d7
  • Integration-Api-Password (Secret): Zcp7CkGELDSaXSBsd3XuaXi0UaYuX2PRi4wwZr7GQvQ=

Once you have the credentials, you need to perform the below steps:

  1. Go to 'ADD-ONS' section in Leon
  2. Switch the Status to 'ON'
  3. Insert the credentials provided by the dedicated analyst or TRAXXALL support team
  4. Select the aircraft you'd like to connect
  5. Save the settings

How it works

Aircraft details in TRAXXALL

The integration offers automatic TAH, TAC update for all aircraft and its main assembly parts (airframe, engines).

To make the integration work properly you need to insert the Aircraft serial number in Settings > Fleet.

Then, set up the airframe & engines details in a section MX > Fleet. Click on a selected aircraft and go to tab CAM. Here, select Airframe 'start date' and insert TAH & TAC values. You can do the same for engines.

Leon synchronizes changes in planned flight and JL with TRAXXALL. TRAXXALL then recalculates aggregated TAH and TAC values in their system.

TRAXXALL integration works one way only from Leon to TRAXXALL.

It is important that the Aircraft serial number, as well as the Engines serial numbers in Leon, match the serial numbers in TRAXXALL.

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