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  • Introduction

Click on to get an access to particular sections in Leon. Below you can find a quick guide to what options are hidden behind icons.

The settings screen has been divided into 5 sections.

The Settings - general view

Manage Leon Account

This page is available to users with admin privileges only.

Here admins can manage subscription plan: accept terms & conditions, add payment details, credit card details or billing information.

General Settings

Previously this section could be found in Admin > Operator Settings > General. It contains options/settings used by administrators to define how data should be displayed in Leon.


Adding and editing of users accounts.


Managing users rights to see/edit data in Leon.



Managing fleet: adding new aircraft, setting & editing aircraft details, defining MVT emails.

Fleet Documents Setup

Adding & editing aircraft documents, defining email notifications for fleet documents expiration.

Aircraft Crew Positions

Previously found in Admin > Functions. Adding crew positions to a particular aicraft type for cockpit, cabin, maintenance and ground staff.

Schedule Changes Summary

Possibility to receive Excel report twice a day about changes in flights.

Schedule Export

Setting up export of data to 3rd party vendors (Avinode, StrataJet, PrivateFly, ReturnJet, JetSmarter, Jettogether, Fly Victor).

  • CREW

Duties Setup

It was previously known as CDR Definition. Here you can also define crew currency calculations (described here).


Assigning appropriate ratings to crew (previously defined in section Aircraft Crew Positions).

Diets Definitions

Setting up crew diets calculations in 2 modes available: normal & workflow (see this chapter for more details).


Flight Editing

Setting up data displaying for flight-related options.

Flight Notifications

Defining email notifications for flight, crew or maintenance changes (described in details under this link.

Handling Requests

Default configurations for Handling Requests or GAR emails.

Quotation Email Templates

Defining default templates for sales documents such as: Flight Brief or Charter Contract sent to clients or brokers you deal with.

Flight Codes

Assigning a different codes (colours) to easily distinguish one trip from any other trips on the flights list.


Operators Colours

Function is useful for Flight Support Companies that deal with numbers of operators. It helps to differentiate one operator flights from another assigning different colour patern to each operator.

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