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Adding Journey Log in offline mode

It is possible to add Journey Log data in offline mode, in Leon mobile application.

When switching to offline mode, Leon shows an information 'Data not available in offline mode', however, you can still access Journey Log panel of the mobile app. Click it and Leon will show JL panel, with the information, that it is a DRAFT.

All changes will need to be saved when the device is back to online mode - Leon will show a button SAVE NOW.

Journey Log draft

When logging in to mobile application, Leon will shows a reminder if there is a JL draft unsaved. By clicking 'Confirm now' Leon will show draft to be saved or to be fixed (see screenshot on the right to see 3 states of the draft: Fill, Save and Fix)

Pilots can also check if there is any JL Draft pending to be saved by clicking icon and selecting

In a new window Leon shows details of the JL Draft along with the option to FILL in all remaining JL details.

In offline mode pilots can only edit their own drafts or add new Journey Logs, but will not be able to edit already saved Journey Logs -

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