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It is important for the crew - once they have finished their duty - to inform crew assigned to the next leg, on the same aircraft, about remaining fuel on board and other important details. For this purpose, we have added 2 new items to the Journey Log panel (to be enabled in Settings > Flight Editing section).

Fuel before uplift

Leon will show the value of JL Fuel remaining from the previous flight as Fuel on board before uplift, in a section Flight of the mobile app - see example below.

On the flight WAW-GVA, in the Log panel, fuel details have been inserted, where 'Fuel remaining' shows as 2155 KG.

When crew assigned to the next leg GVA-WAW click on the flight in the mobile app and view details in a section 'Flight', Leon will show the value of 2155 KG as 'Fuel on board before uplift'.

The same value will also show in the 'Log' section of the app as 'Fuel before uplift'.

Aircraft Handover

Once this item has been added to the default JL items, crew will be able to leave some important information to the crew assigned on the next flight - see example below.

On the flight WAW-GVA crew inserted an information in the JL item Handover notes.

Crew assigned to the next flight will see it in the mobile app when they enter section 'Flight'

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