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Conditional tags in MVT Messages templates

Example of Content error when creating conditional MVT Message

Conditional tags allow you to include or exclude empty fields from the MVT Message.

To create such condition you need to use '#' to open the sentence and '/' to close it, for example:

{{#PAX}} Passenger number on the flight is {{PAX}} {{/PAX}},

where {{#PAX}} is opening the condition and {{/PAX}} is closing it.

In the above case, if the Flight Watch does not include PAX number, or PAX number is 0, this information will not be included in MVT Message. If it is 1 and more, The above sentence will be included in the message.

It is also important to close one condition before opening another. Errors in the template will be highlighted orange in the template and 'SAVE' button will remain inactive until content error is amended.

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